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The news that boosted the digital currency - turboplaycrypto

The news that boosted the digital currency

The news that boosted the digital currency market, the rumor of the approval of the spot bitcoin fund, boosted the price of bitcoin. Not long ago, a rumor was published on the Twitter social network that the bitcoin ETF spot fund, which belonged to Blackrock, was approved. This rumor caused the price of bitcoin to rise. turn green again and cross the $28,000 mark.

The news that boosted the digital currency
The news that boosted the digital currency


In the same news, the CEO of Blackrock denied the approval of the Bitcoin Spot Fund by the Securities Commission and added that the Bitcoin Spot Funds will be approved by the Securities Commission with a delay, We have to wait.

The upward trend created by this rumor in the crypto-currency market, some altcoins also experienced a growth of over 7%. Today, one of the most important news that made the digital currency market rise was the rumor that Blackrock’s spot bitcoin fund by The Securities and Exchange Commission has been approved. Previously, Mr. Gary Gensler had announced the deadline for Bitcoin ETF decisions at the beginning of next year.

Read in the same news. Kathy Wood also shared her theory about the rumor of spot Bitcoin spot fund approval. She said that the fund High Spot Bitcoin can be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission, but Gary Gensler is an obstacle! According to the rumor that currently happened about the approval of Bitcoin Spot Funds, one of the initiators of the upward trend of Bitcoin can be considered to be the approval of the funds. What do you think about this incident? Share Trust God!


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