News of the digital pound in the UKNews of the digital pound in the UK
News of the digital pound in the UK
News of the digital pound in the UK

The British government has decided to create its own digital pound, so British crypto companies have welcomed this government plan and some of them believe that the digital pound should be interoperable with cryptocurrencies to be suitable for the future.

The British government launched its digital pound program in February, just as the European Union launched its digital euro program. Britain has proposed a type of platform where the Bank of England provides the digital currency infrastructure of the central bank and allows private companies to integrate and benefit from services by connecting wallets. Lisa Cameron, Head of Digital Assets, says a digital pound could create new opportunities to remove barriers to payments.

According to CoinDesk, Cameron said that all government plans to create a digital pound will end on June 30. Crypto industry stakeholders are concerned about protecting users’ privacy, but others worry that the restrictions aren’t enough to hold a digital pound.

If the British government pushes forward with its digital pound program by 2025, the creation of the digital pound in the UK will not be far off and people will have more confidence in the digital pound, although the British government still has property restrictions in this regard. . Follow daily cryptocurrency news only in the crypto chat group on Telegram👇


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