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Red gold is sold in Iran with Bitcoin! New news from Iran - turboplaycrypto

Red gold is sold in Iran with Bitcoin! New news from Iran

Iran has been the center of saffron production in the world until now. Saffron is planted and harvested in Iran and Middle Eastern countries, which is the main pole of this medicinal product in the east of Iran. Recently, news about buying and selling saffron with Bitcoin money has started in the virtual space in Iran and is gaining strength and growing.

Red gold is sold in Iran with Bitcoin!
Red gold is sold in Iran with Bitcoin!

In the previous news from Iran, it has been reported that this country will use blockchain and bitcoin technology to end its backwardness. Some red gold sellers in Iran sell saffron with bitcoin money, which in this It should be said that some of them have strong reasons for using Bitcoin. One of the sellers posted a content in his Instagram post, in which it was stated that due to the cost-effectiveness of Bitcoin compared to Iranian money, he was offering Bitcoin to his customers. He continued that in Iran I can’t afford card reader fees and if I don’t have sales per day, I just have to pay damages!! Therefore, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry is more affordable for me. I buy saffron in Iran with money. I sell bitcoins to all parts of the world.

Red gold is sold in Iran with Bitcoin! The sale of saffron and some other eastern Iranian products such as barberry, pistachio, etc. are ready to be bought and sold with new money in Iran.

The government of Iran has decided to be among the pioneers of the cryptocurrency industry, just as it is the record holder in red gold in the world, using blockchain and bitcoin technology, and be strong in the field of digital gold and bitcoin in the region and the world.

What products are bought and sold with Bitcoin in your country?🌾🌾

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