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Selling lemonade with Bitcoin payment - turboplaycrypto

Selling lemonade with Bitcoin payment

Selling lemonade with Bitcoin payment
Selling lemonade with Bitcoin payment

These two teenagers open a small lemonade shop in El Salvador and accept payment with Bitcoin.

Selling lemonade with bitcoin payment for people!

These two teenagers have a lot to say, they say that we were able to earn 0.08BTC this way in just one month.

This style of selling is great with Bitcoin because people like to post their money to Bitcoin

For years, buying and selling in El Salvador has been done with Bitcoin.

The sale of lemonade with Bitcoin by these two little ones made news. They are still selling lemonade

Selling lemonade with Bitcoin is not strange to the people of this city as the Vice President of El Salvador, Naib Boquele, announced that he plans to build a Bitcoin city, which will initially be financed through Bitcoin-backed bonds, and with this announcement, hopes to use of digital currency was doubled to boost investment in this country.

El Salvador is the smallest republic of Central America, bordered by Honduras to the north and east, the Pacific Ocean to the south, and Guatemala to the west.

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