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Relai and buying Bitcoin with "zero" fees - turboplaycrypto

Relai and buying Bitcoin with “zero” fees

Relai, and buying Bitcoin with "zero" fees
Relai, and buying Bitcoin with “zero” fees

A Swiss company announced the purchase of Bitcoin with zero fees by launching a program called “Relai”.

In relation to this news, this Swiss company plans to attract more users by conducting Bitcoin transactions with zero fees.

Julian Liniger, Relai CEO and co-founder, expressed his excitement about the new offering in a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, stating, “We are thrilled to offer our users the zero fee purchase option. It’s a testament to our commitment to simplifying Bitcoin investments and making it accessible to everyone.” He further emphasized the importance of providing fair and secure access to bitcoin, calling it the “best savings technology ever invented.”

The company said that we are trying to make Bitcoin transactions easier by creating an easier user interface.

The company has reiterated its plans for the future, including Lightning integration and the launch of a white-label product.

“Relai” program allows users to buy one bitcoin every month with zero fees up to 100 EUR.

This Swiss company is trying to create the most convenient way for users to buy bitcoins and digital currencies by further optimizing transactions.

Switzerland has been one of the lovers of cryptocurrency technology, and many companies are currently operating in this field in Switzerland.

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