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New Tron News

New Tron News Tron achieved a new success.
Tron has been added to Google Cloud’s growing list of public blockchain datasets available on BigQuery.
Google Cloud Big Query is a fully managed, serverless data warehouse with SQL that delivers fast queries by leveraging the processing power of the infrastructure.
Google allows users to analyze big data in real time using Google Cloud and BigQuery and the processing power of existing infrastructure.
With the massive amount of process data recently embedded in Google Cloud’s BigQuery, Tron enables users to analyze the history of interconnected transactions uniformly.
Tron achieves this by providing smart contract interactions and user interactions separately.
This process has been considered by Google over the years to make Web 3 dynamic. It goes without saying that TRON hosts the largest circulating Tether supply in the world, surpassing Ethereum in April 2021. With a price of $0.09, Tron is currently in the tenth row of the cryptocurrency market.

New Tron News
New Tron News

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