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Solana overtook Ethereum. - turboplaycrypto

Solana overtook Ethereum.

Solana overtook Ethereum. Hello, good time, welcome to the short news of digital currencies! Solana overtook Ethereum! Over the past 24 hours, Solana has broken its $68,489 range thanks to backers.
Conquering high rates of $68,489 created an upward rally that pushed the price of this coin to the $73 range.
Solana’s trading volume has surpassed that of Ethereum in the last 24 hours. And after Bitcoin, it has been placed in the list of the most popular and most profitable currencies.
The 9% growth of sol brought the price of this cryptocurrency to over 70 dollars. With this condition, Ethereum is facing a tough competitor.
Ethereum created unique capabilities in the crypto community, now Solana, which fell to its maximum in the bear market, has revived once again and has surpassed Ethereum in terms of 24-hour trading volume.
Solana’s 12-hour analysis shows that the upward rally is weakening and the price is expected to correct.

Read in the same news ++ Meme Coin Bank, which was created on the Solana blockchain, set a new price record. With its growth of 1070%, this meme coin overtook the Fluke meme coin that works on the platform of the Ethereum blockchain. Surveys show that the bank has been affected by the price growth of its parent network, Solana, and since it is not clear how far this growth will continue, this meme coin is currently in the fourth row of the best meme coins after Pepe. You need to know that Pepe It has achieved a significant market volume so far, which is more than 606 million dollars. Be profitable, go to Telegram and comment there, and follow Solana’s official news in crypto chat on Telegram!⚘👇👇


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