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presentation full currency solana - turboplaycrypto

presentation full currency solana

What is Solana?

in the name of god,presentation full currency Solana:Solana project is open source that one blockchain crust 1 new,with out justification and with high speed doeth demodulation. purpose this blockchain increase power operation supra of blockchains is popular and more disbursements also below Retention. Solana one blockchain with similaritys significant to is ethereum,actually frequently of they capacity fatal ethereum recall.

News of Solana crossing the price of 30 dollars
Presentation full Solana currency:

this blockchain of mechanism consensus proof of history use that time stamps for definition block next in chain Solana employ. this system of opinion theory may more 710000 transactions per second (TPS)over the need to any solution scalability draggy essay.architecture blockchain third generation Solana for expedite smart contracts and invention programs decentralization (dApp) is rope designing.this project of collection of platforms fiscal  decentralization (Defi)and too malls token irreplacable (NFT) support.


Antoni yakovenco with experienced  oneself capacity engineer software,and work in algoritms compression, the system in year 2017 foundation. ANTONY with cahoots ERIC Williams and GREG FITZGERALD for making process new of transactions digital currency in aspect solution problems brisk in Bitcoin and Ethereum function. Purpose founders the blockchain new development one protocol cryptography over the need  to trust and distributed with scalability was beter. Currently, this team including experts experienced of organizations big similar :Apple 🍏, Google, Intel, Drop,box,Microsoft, Twitter, Qualcomm,and is other more.

Further function acceptable blockchain Solana capitalists excess similar Multicoin capital, Abstract ventures,foundation capital, and  other more to oneself is engage.

What Solana unique is:

Purpose designing ambitious Solana solve problem triple is blockchain. is aim that by VITALIK BUTERN creator ethereum broach. This triple collection of three challenge main that developer in make blockchains different with they  is confronting 

modify:1_decntralization2_security3_scalability.   TRUST IN GOD  👉https://turboplaycrypto.com

Today’s news of Binance and Huobi and Coinx


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