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Technical tricks

Technical tricks. Hello friends, good time, I am sad today. Today I lost from the transaction. How was the status of your transactions today?
Crypto market is interesting but risky! Here I want to introduce two technical tricks that if you don’t follow, you will lose like me.
The first trick: failure in support and resistance areas. Be sure to pay attention to the breaking of the trend. Most of the time, the trend continues its trend after breaking up or down.
The second trick: trends in different and long-term time frames.
Note that you should take long positions in uptrends and short positions in downtrends.
Think about these two technical tricks and use them in your trading style so that you don’t lose.

Taking risks in digital currency futures trading is very important! If you do day trading, get confirmation from your analysis and don’t joke with futures!!
You need to confirm your analysis and make sure that the signs found in the cryptocurrency chart will advance your analysis.

Losing is a part of trading from which valuable experiences can be gained. Be sure to use the two technical tricks I mentioned in your futures trading. If you have any tricks, send them here.


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