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Cryptocurrencies news now

Cryptocurrencies news now.
Pay attention to the current cryptocurrency news.

BlackRock's CEO has previously budgeted for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.
BlackRock’s CEO has previously budgeted for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.

For the fourth time, BlackRock enters into a meeting with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to discuss bitcoin spot funds.
In this meeting, Bloomberg analysts criticized that the commission’s view of Blackrock ETFs is probably different this time than in the past. It seems that the approval of Bitcoin spot funds will not take long.

Coin base
Coin base

Coinbase, another major exchange in the world of cryptocurrency technology, submitted a request to the commission to create clear rules in the field of digital currencies, which was rejected.
Brazil files a new bill of tax laws for foreign citizens in the field of digital currencies.
By abandoning the US dollar, the BRICS alliance enters into talks with Ripple to choose XRP as an alternative to the dollar.
Pay attention to the continuation of current cryptocurrency news.
Solana Foundation announced that all Saga phones have been sold in the US after the bank currency surged.
Solana announced that the amount of bank currency that is currently in the hands of people with Saga smart phones has made Saga phones to sell.

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