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Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin has a future

Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin has a future. The famous author emphasized buying Bitcoin again!
The Japanese investor shared a new tweet on his Twitter home page.
Kiyosaki does not give up gold, silver and bitcoin! He said: Our leaders do not think about us! I advise investors to buy gold, silver and bitcoin because these assets can be a better alternative to fiat money in the face of problems and crises.
A famous analyst recently announced that the price of Bitcoin will soon reach $135,000.
Robert Kiyosaki is the future of Bitcoin. He sees the future of Bitcoin as bright.
He went on to say that he will continue to buy Bitcoin because he trusts Bitcoin.

How much do you know about Bitcoin and its future?
Will Bitcoin achieve its original goal of eliminating traditional paper money?
Developments in the field of cryptocurrency have accelerated in recent years, and more confidence in the industry has made investors include Bitcoin in their investment portfolios.
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Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous book Rich Dad and Poor Dad, has given financial warnings to investors so far, which has come true.
Do you agree with this analyst’s outlook on Bitcoin?

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