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The second bitcoin crash is happening!!! - turboplaycrypto

The second bitcoin crash is happening!!!

Once again, the bears of the market were more successful than the bulls and reduced the price of Bitcoin to $24,780,000. The second fall of Bitcoin is happening because the market is facing the lack of a catalyst due to the current conditions and is not ready to go up. Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETF), which could be a start-up or the beginning of an upward trend for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry, were also rejected by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Coin will lose its current range if this situation continues.

The second bitcoin crash is happening!!!
The second bitcoin crash is happening

The second Bitcoin crash is happening!! This is despite the fact that Bitcoin climbed above $27,000 a few days ago with the victory of Grayscale digital currency company, and now it is trading in the range of $25,479,000 after the delay in the decisions for ETF funds. There are strong possibilities that the price will go up. Bitcoin will be pumped up to the $22,000 mark and regain the $32,000 area.

In this decrease in the price of Bitcoin, the rate of basic cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc., became red, while the cryptocurrency Tron was one of the coins that experienced the lowest rate reduction in this incident. How do you analyze? Will Bitcoin fall to the $22,000 range again? Share with us

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