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News from a new Bitcoin fan - turboplaycrypto

News from a new Bitcoin fan

The news of the new Bitcoin fan 🇦🇷 the presidential candidate of Argentina was indirectly favored bitcoin.

Xaviermaili, the election candidate of this country, promised to close the central bank of Argentina in case of victory.

At the same time that the United States is approaching its presidential elections, some of the candidates of the United States will agree with Xavier Miley.

Bitcoin’s entry into the real world has been amazing since its emergence until now, this non-physical money has been able to attract men from different parts of the world and find fans.

Financial crises in the world have affected governments and physical and devalued money to advance their capabilities in the direction of the cryptocurrency industry so that they can improve the situation.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many countries are hindering the adoption of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.

new Bitcoin fan

But let’s go back to the news of the new Bitcoin fan , on Sunday, August 13, 35 million eligible Argentines participated in the presidential primary elections of Argentina, which Xaviermaili won the most votes.

This 52-year-old politician, who will participate in the October 22 elections in this country, presents himself as a candidate against the political elite and against the system.

Javier Milli has announced his support for dissolving the central bank, which many experts have criticized that he will follow Bitcoin. Not to mention that inflation is rampant in Argentina. The annual inflation rate in this country is 100% and almost 40% of The people of this country live below the poverty line.

Xavier Milli is one of the admirers of Donald Trump, the former president of the United States. He has promised to dissolve Argentina’s central bank if he wins the election. Xavier Milli also called climate change a “lie”.

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