?What is futures trading

In the name of god:what is futures trading?this type of transaction is very suitable for users 👥 who to be safe from the risk of loss and sudden fluctuation.

This foreign exchange transaction is a type  of foresight that can ease the mind of investors regarding currency transaction and their value.

The concept and nature of futures is very simple .in this type of transaction two investore chosen one currency and agree on the time and date of its transaction.

According to this agreement they must buy OR sell desired currency  on the  specified  date and time.(it is  important to note that both parties must be faithful to their commitment)

In this type of transaction users 👥 can use a variety of digital currencies and Buy or sell it at the specified time.

?What is futures trading
?What is Futures tradin 

:Application of Futures

the main use of futures is to avoid price fluctuation. in this type of transaction user’s can make money from fluctuation and sudden price changes. Although sometimes it brings some losses to users. But it’s profitability much higher.

Users can also  make some predictions about the futures a currency using the method. Besides that, users 👥 who use this platform for their currency transaction, they can have different views on digital currency transaction and market.

They will understand Better over time relative to the time purchase and sale find any currency   get a very profitable Business.

:Types of futures transaction

futures have different platforms. Users 👥 who intend to use this type of transaction, they can according to their situation and financial budget choose the right platform for currency transaction.

:Standard futures transaction

This type of transaction is the most formal and the main type of futures contract.

:Physical futures transaction

Physical futures transaction are very simple and ofcourse safe. In this type of transaction purchase currency it will be delivered to the buyer on the settlement Date.

:Permanent futures transaction

In this type of transaction the investor can buy the desired currency forever just by changing the time and Date.

*What is futures trading *

Take these tips seriously in futures trading!



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