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BlackRock is buying Bitcoin this week - turboplaycrypto

BlackRock is buying Bitcoin this week

BlackRock is buying Bitcoin this week. The price of Bitcoin has risen this month, various factors have joined hands to start a strong upward rally and start a bull market. Blackrock company denied the confirmation of bitcoin spot fund some time ago, but this rumor made bitcoin green. After the price of Bitcoin exceeded 34 thousand dollars, the CEO of Black Rock Company said that this week he will allocate part of his budget to spot Bitcoin ETF funds. Based on this, many analysts predicted that due to the allocation of funds to the funds, BlackRock should buy Bitcoin, and this will cause another upward rally.

In this regard, it should be said that the Securities Exchange Commission, which has to decide at the beginning of next year for the approval of Bitcoin spot funds, was condemned by a judge in the court between Ripple and the Stock Exchange Commission, and the judge ruled in favor of Ripple. Read the same news ++Binance is developing a local platform in China.


If the cryptocurrency market continues under the same conditions, do you think the price of Bitcoin can exceed $100,000 by next year? Currently, the price of this currency is traded in the range of 34 thousand dollars. View the current price of Bitcoin.

BlackRock is buying Bitcoin this week
BlackRock is buying Bitcoin this week

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