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Take these tips seriously in futures trading!

Take these tips seriously in future transactions! If you are interested in futures and futures trading, these tips can help you avoid losses and instead make more profits from your trades. If he uses these types of transactions (futures), you should know that opening this Transactions can be very interesting and profitable, while they can also seem very risky and risky.

Important points in futures trading

Take these tips seriously in future transactions!
Take these tips seriously in future transactions!

These tips are used in most strategies by professional traders to minimize losses and close positions with profit.
This type of advanced trading is called Future in the cryptocurrency industry and is supported by most centralized exchanges.

First point: take time seriously in future transactions⏰

Take your time seriously in the future
Take your time seriously in the future

Opening and closing of all transactions in the crypto market, especially futures, are done in different time frames. Take timing seriously in futures trading and try to reduce trading time as much as possible. Since these trades can quickly move against your analysis and reach the liquidity point, if your trading style requires more time, be sure to adjust the timing with the leverage so that you do not under any circumstances approach the liquidity point.
So control the time as much as possible so that your capital is managed.

The second point: capital management 💰💰

Undoubtedly, capital is one of the most important points that must be taken seriously in future transactions.
The amount of your money plays a very important role in futures and advanced trading, and more importantly, it is your capital that is used in your trading style to open a trade.
Always remember not to lose your hard earned money easily in futures!!
Plan your money and allocate an amount to future transactions that will not threaten your financial health in case of loss.
Never be greedy in futures transactions and do not allocate large funds to advanced transactions! Because more capital in future transactions does not mean more profit! Rather, it increases the risk of losing your capital.
I suggest that if you are new to futures trading, first practice and analyze different scenarios with little money to gain deep experience in the technical aspects of this trading model, then you can open trades with more capital and less risk.

Third tip: In the long term, pay attention to the trend line📉📈

Pay attention to the trend line in the long term
Pay attention to the trend line in the long term

The long-term trend line in futures should be checked. The important point here is that in futures, most of your positions should be long in uptrends, and in long-term downtrends, you should have most of your short positions, because ultimately, long-term trends are and are more valid. Guaranteed to last until the trend changes.
Identifying the trend line in the long run is easy and will be valid.
In a long-term bullish trend, we may see price declines and short-term corrections, but be careful that the power is still in the hands of the long-term trend and vice versa.
Remember that it is easy to identify price tops and bottoms in long-term trends because you can define your trading range.

The fourth point: take the adjustment of leverage in future transactions seriously!⚖

Setting up a leveraged futures trade is equal to your level of risk and the level of confidence you have in your analysis.
Usually, opening trades with high leverage increases the risk of loss in futures because the closing point of the position will be close to the liquidity point.
Therefore, most traders use low leverage (2x, 3x, 5x), but it depends on your strategy.
It is better to remove the dream of getting rich overnight from your mind when adjusting the lever!! And don’t put your money into the trade with high leverage.
No matter how professional you are, your money can be burned by high leverage at some point.
Take leverage seriously in futures trading❗❗

Fifth tip: pay attention to failures!

Take Breaks Seriously Breaks are formed in areas where the uptrend or downtrend reaches its maximum and one trend changes to another trend.
In this case, if you identify the breakout boundaries of the trend, it can make the trade profitable for you.
Of course, all these tips depend on your trading style.
Some traders identify breakout ranges from patterns and others do so using indicators.

Sixth point: Which currencies do you choose for future transactions?

You have to offer many cryptocurrencies for futures trading, but it is better to choose cryptocurrencies in futures that have features that confirm your analysis in futures trading.
Usually, these cryptocurrencies have moderate to high volatility and their daily transaction volume is significant.
One of the characteristics of these types of currencies is their reaction to the general trend of the market.
Others have counter-reacted when the market is falling, fall later and you can make a good profit by opening a short position on them.
The currencies you choose for futures trading should be completely smart and informed.
There is a section called Cryptocurrency in Basic Cryptocurrency Industry Education that can be useful here.

Seventh point: Make a logical decision! 🤔

If you are a professional trader, you know that before trading, you must go through two steps of research and analysis. Sound business decisions are rooted in your research and analysis.
The crypto market is an irrational market! But you must trade with logic in futures because logic is a fact that occurs in trading.
So instead of thinking about profit and loss, make rational decisions.

Tip 8: Confirm your analysis, then open a futures trade.

Whatever trading style you use in futures trading, for your trading to be profitable, your analysis must be confirmed based on reasons and factors (internal-external).
Verified analysis means that you are 100% sure of your prediction.
And another thing you should know is that it is not enough to confirm the analysis of futures!
Instead, you should guarantee your analysis to minimize the loss if your analysis is not confirmed.
Determining the entry and exit points of the transaction or determining the profit and loss limit can still help you in this part.

Tip 9: Don’t joke with futures!😂❌

Do not joke with futures under any circumstances! Take this point seriously in future transactions!
Treating futures with excitement and taking them for granted will quickly cost you money.
Take it seriously and try to know yourself better and master yourself in order to open a more reliable and less risky trade.

Tip 10: Avoid copy trades in futures and advanced trades.

Everyone knows that copying other people’s trades is one of the other ways of trading futures that most exchanges support.
The important thing here is that copying other people’s business is not the right way!
Because copy trading will not always be useful for you and can bring you heavy losses.
The reason why copying other people’s trades is not a correct method is that the analysis and trading style of people in the world are not the same.
So work and develop your trading style to make the most profitable trades with your strategy.

Tip 11: Pay special attention to the details of future transactions

Surely your futures trading strategy is full of various fine and big points, you need to refine the details in futures trading.
Complete your futures trades as much as possible by checking the details.
Uncertainty about the fees or type of trades (limit, market, trigger, etc.), how leverage is set, and other small details can help your trade to make a profit.
It should be said here that you should complete your analysis by solving the details, reach a deep understanding of candles, trading volume, patterns and slators, indicators, dominance, etc. and remove the ambiguities and doubts in the transaction.

Tip 12: Read the candlestick chapter in the futures tutorial completely and practice it on the test chart.
Read the candlestick chapter in the futures tutorial completely and practice on the test chart
Read the candlestick chapter in the futures tutorial completely and practice on the test chart

Before anything else, register and trade on an exchange that has demo trading so you can test your trading style exercises and scenarios. There is a professional level course called Candleology in Futures. Learning this section can help you a lot in future analysis and trading. However, futures trading is more dependent on technical analysis, so in order to develop a profitable futures trading style, you need to have a deep understanding of candlesticks.

Tip 13: Observe the limits (self-awareness)

One of my mistakes was always that I didn’t know my emotional limit! It might be interesting, I still don’t know myself properly. But don’t make this mistake. In futures trading, waiting too much or hurrying, etc. will cause losses. So, adjust your trading style in such a way that you don’t need to rush or wait too much or rather don’t follow the limits. Any characteristic (patience, haste, excitement, carelessness, etc.) and if it exceeds its limits, it can disrupt your strategy and make it useless.

Tip 14: Work on your natural talents.

It’s all about trading your inner talent! Humans have many talents. You have to discover them all and make them powerful. Business requires proper analysis and analysis requires your inner and fundamental talents. The power of analysis, diagnosis, change, confirmation, etc. can make you think, so work on your inherent strengths so that you don’t fail in the competition with the future.

Tio15: Track cryptocurrency prices in futures.

In general, professional futures traders constantly follow the prices and charts of currencies in order to discover the best positions to open a trade. You know better that the cryptocurrency market has a lot of volatility, so this can quickly change the terms of a transaction. A change trader should follow prices and charts part of the day and night to execute his strategy on the best opportunities. Of course, futures contracts include various types of transactions. You can add professional settings to the transaction, for example, specify the closing or opening price of the position and other settings.

Tip 16: Follow the news of digital currencies

Following cryptocurrency news may not directly affect futures and futures trading, but it should be noted that important news can affect cryptocurrency prices and overall market volume in the long run. As we said in the points above, consider the trend in the long term. Major news can change the trend.

Tip 17: One valid transaction is better than 100 invalid transactions.

I don’t know how you analyze and how you deal with the trade. This important point is my personal opinion and personal experience. To make a profit in futures trading, you don’t need to open invalid trades on multiple currencies, but to make a profit in futures trading, you just need to develop your successful scenario and achieve your desired profit with a valid trade. On the other hand, opening more positions causes crowding, confusion and complexity, and in the meantime you have to analyze each position. Do this and I’d better say you don’t respect the limits in this style.

Tip 18: As soon as you reach profit, save the profit from the trade.

If your position is closed in profit, save the profit from the trade before moving on to a new trade. Try not to enter your profit into the transaction. By doing this, your job rank will be visible for some time.


The points we said above were an important part of the points that should be taken seriously in futures trading in order to return with a profit and a hand full of trades. There are definitely many more tips to come, I’ve tried to mention some of them and if you have any tips, please post them below. Trading futures without knowledge and experience can be dangerous. Futures trading can be beneficial to you, so take these trades seriously!

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