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Will Solana be 200 dollars?

Solana cryptocurrency recently started an upward rally, during this explosive movement, this cryptocurrency reached its highest trading level at the price of 29 dollars. Solana digital currency, which has recently become the owner of Saga smart phones, according to the patterns it forms on the chart, strengthens prospects of reaching 200 dollars per Solana. Due to its technical structure and high scalability, this cryptocurrency has recently been chosen by investors for investment. If you are also a trader, do you think Solana will reach the price of 200 dollars? According to long-term analysis on this coin, it is better to give Solana a chance to reach 200 dollars in the long term. If positive things happen in the field of cryptocurrency and this currency does not get involved in crises caused by network outages, it is expected that in the long term Solana will Conquer the $200 peak.

Analysis 2024 Solana
Analysis 2024 Solana

Will Solana reach the price of 200 dollars in 2024? Since the basis of the cryptocurrency market is illogical, and no futurist can correctly guess the future of digital currencies according to the obstacles in front of them, according to the records and working mechanism of this cryptocurrency and the conditions that will affect Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry in 2024. It can be said that Solana was one of the currencies that fell the most last year and fell to its highest level with the fall of the FTX exchange, so in the most normal case, the growth and support of this cryptocurrency can be evaluated. The year 2024 can be considered the beginning of a storm for Solana cryptocurrency and in the worst possible case, the price of this digital currency will exceed 100 dollars.

Solana, with its native token, the same as Sol, has been the strongest platform for creating crypto apps after Ethereum. Currently, many crypto games have been made based on Solana and have been made available to gamers. All these developments are due to the team. The developer who owns this coin has a strong possibility that Solana will climb to its highest level in 2024 and 2025.

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