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$794,000 Cryptocurrency Hack

An American hacker was arrested after stealing $794,000. The thieves of the cryptocurrency industry have risen again with the bullish market to launch stronger and wider attacks on exchanges and digital wallets. The news and figures related to the hacking and theft of cryptocurrencies include a huge part of the stolen assets in the field of cryptocurrency, for this reason, many exchanges put two-step verification in the recipe to increase the security of users’ assets.

$794,000 Cryptocurrency Hack
$794,000 Cryptocurrency Hack

A hack of 794,000 dollars in the field of cryptocurrency happened on June 25th, and more detailed information about this grand theft is not available. The only information that informed sources about this event have recorded is the arrest of the American hacker.

Pay attention to the following important security tips so that your digital assets do not fall into the hands of profiteers and fraudsters.

We’ve all paid to buy our cryptocurrencies so it’s important to know some tips about keeping your cryptocurrencies safe.

The links sent to your system can seriously endanger your assets, especially the links that are sent to you by people on social networks. Try not to click on the links!! And don’t start the hacking game with the hacker. The next point is to create an account on valid platforms, not on sites you don’t know. Know fake airdrops and scams. Usually, most airdrops end up being scams, so take this advice seriously that there is no free money in the crypto world. Do not go to airdrops that ask you for your wallet information, including passwords and passports.

Don’t easily trust cryptocurrency industry workers, such as people carrying baskets, etc. The whole work in the field of cryptocurrency is security. Do whatever you think will improve the security of your assets, for example, put an initial password for your wallet, write down the private keys of the wallet on a sheet, not in the system.

Be sure to have an antivirus installed on your system to warn of any possible risk of hacker entry. When moving your coins, pay attention to which network and what standard your transaction is performed on. Try not to communicate with strangers if you are active in the digital currency market.

We hope that hearing the news of the 794,000 dollar hack in the field of cryptocurrency will wake you up and teach you a security lesson. Follow the daily news of cryptocurrency in the crypto chat on Telegram. Thank you very much 👇🌷


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