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Robert Kiyosaki’s new tweet

Robert Kiyosaki’s new tweet, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the interesting book Rich Dad and Poor Dad, in his new tweet mentioned crypto-currencies as future money and fiat money as fake money. Kiyosaki tweeted on his Twitter home page that there is a cryptocurrency conference in Singapore which is very exciting because crypto is the future but fake fiat money is like toast.

Robert Kiyosaki Twitter
Robert Kiyosaki Twitter
Robert Kiyosaki's new tweet
Robert Kiyosaki’s new tweet

The famous economist and author about digital currencies announced to his two million users on Twitter that crypto is the future. He has repeatedly shared his hope for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry on his Twitter homepage.

Robert Kiyosaki has repeatedly shared warnings in various financial fields, among the most important of which, the removal of fiat money and bank bankruptcy can be mentioned.

Contrary to popular belief, cryptocurrencies require more cryptographic knowledge than other financial markets. Due to its nascent nature, the cryptocurrency industry has caused governments to make decisions for digital currencies and bitcoins. Cryptocurrency technology, as you know, is unstoppable. You can see the progress of this industry full of excitement and risk by checking the price chart of Bitcoin. This technology has the potential to revolutionize financial affairs in the world and is very capable of affecting the daily lives of people in the world, even you. How do you analyze the future of cryptocurrencies? Our comments section is open in this news. Send your views on cryptocurrency technology.


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