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Arthur Hayes: Get ready for the rise of Bitcoin - turboplaycrypto

Arthur Hayes: Get ready for the rise of Bitcoin

Arthur Hayes: Get ready for the rise of Bitcoin Arthur Hayes, one of the managers of the BitMEX exchange, says that two important catalysts will cause the digital currency market to rise. Reservations lead to a surge in digital assets “Together, these two things create the most epic market for digital currency and almost anything else that is some kind of risk asset anywhere in the world” Arthur Hayes:Get ready for the rise of btc What do you think about What is this prediction? Is Bitcoin ready for a strong rise? Currently, Bitcoin is traded in the first row of the market at the price of 27,999 dollars, Ethereum is traded at the price of 1,780 dollars with a 2% drop.

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Undoubtedly, Bitcoin and digital currency market will need start-ups to start an upward rally. Apart from the cases mentioned by Arthur Hayes, the starters can be other factors, which can be Bitcoin halving or the approval of Bitcoin spot funds by the Securities Commission. The United States pointed out that Bitcoin has witnessed severe ups and downs during its life and on the other hand, this cryptocurrency has performed exceptionally well against economic problems to maintain the value of assets against inflation for the public. All these factors can lead to a revolution. Financially converted by Bitcoin in the real world

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