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Will the price of Dogecoin fall? - turboplaycrypto

Will the price of Dogecoin fall?

Will the price of Dogecoin fall? For some time, Dogecoin rate has been resisted and supported in the range of 0.06 cents without much change, that’s why we decided to examine the Dogecoin cryptocurrency from different angles and write this analytical article for you.

The last year has decreased until now. The decrease in the stock of Dogecoin miners in the last two months has decreased from 4.69 billion dollars to 4.35 billion dollars. This shows that the miners do not believe much in the increase in the price of Dogecoin, that’s why they decided to They have sold Dodge, usually Dodge miners sell their coins when the price reaches its peak, but statistics show that in the last two months, the sale of miners has reduced the price of Dodge Coin. The situation is striking that if the miners continue to sell their Dogecoin, the support level of Dogecoin, which is above 0.06 cents, can be broken to lower levels.

Will the price drop below 0.06 cents? It is interesting to know that Dodge’s competitor, the Shiba Inu, is also in a major downward phase. Some users believe that Shiba may experience a 1000% price growth like October 2021. Will the price of Dodge Coin and Shiba decrease? Submit your analysis here

Will the price of Dogecoin fall?
Will the price of Dogecoin fall?

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