Exit Binance ! The disaster that the Securities and Exchange Commission brought on Binance.

In the latest news from the Binance exchange, it is reported that due to the increase in legal pressure against the exchange, some senior managers of the exchange decided to leave Binance.

Exit Binance
Exit Binance

Exit Binance

Patrick Hillman was one of the senior managers of this exchange, who decided to leave this exchange after the objections of the Securities Exchange Commission. There are signs that this exchange is actively seeking to fill Hillman’s vacant position. There are many expectations that he will win. Jaffe, the company’s communications manager, will fill Hillman’s vacancy for the time being.

It is said that another manager of this exchange named Steve Christie has decided to leave Binance. Binance is looking for a senior vice president for Christie.

Not long ago, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission led by Gary Gensler, the former director of this institution, introduced this exchange to the court due to the offering of securities by the Binance exchange. Since then, the conflicts have intensified with successive pressures from the commission.

With these conditions, some managers of this exchange decided to leave this global trading platform. This is the disaster that the commission brought on Binance.

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