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Bitcoin price after halving - turboplaycrypto

Bitcoin price after halving

Bitcoin price after halving. The Bitcoin halving event has been attracting the attention of the crypto community for some time now.
This important event, which has been institutionalized in the organizational structure of the Bitcoin network by the creators of this cryptocurrency, will happen in early 2024.
Experts believe that the price of Bitcoin can increase after the halving, the main reason for this event will be the decrease in the supply of Bitcoin in the long term and its greater demand.
The halving of Bitcoin miners’ reward is done by halving every 4 years, and this has caused the value of Bitcoin since its inception until now.

Famous people like Robert Kiyosaki or Zhang Peng Zhao ZC have also criticized this incident.
Kiyosaki, a writer and financial market economist, has said that Bitcoin will soon reach the rate of 139 thousand dollars.
The former manager of the Binance CZ exchange believes that if Bitcoin repeats its past halving history, it can soon experience an increase in price.

With four months left until the halving event, some other analysts have criticized that Bitcoin will experience a sharp drop before reaching its halving event.
What do you think will be the status of Bitcoin after halving?
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