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How much do the people of the world know Bitcoin? - turboplaycrypto

How much do the people of the world know Bitcoin?

Let me ask you this question first, how familiar are you with bitcoin from any country you are from?

How much do the people of the world know Bitcoin?
How much do the people of the world know Bitcoin?

When a person faces Bitcoin and gets a relative understanding of this new money model, he is curious to know how much people in the world know about Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is a global technology in the field of finance that works smartly and securely.
According to the goal that Bitcoin is pursuing, one day it will be able to make all the people of the world think about themselves.
What I have noticed about the world’s awareness of Bitcoin is that the digital currency space is still very small. Endless discussions about institutions, Bakkt, Facebook, Microsoft, hard forks, mining, intra-organizational strife, halving, and even US presidential candidates praising or condemning digital currency. So much so that one would think that everyone knows about Bitcoin and digital currency.
When you passionately write articles about how Argentinians and Venezuelans are buying Bitcoin and how Bitcoin is saving them from losing their savings, it feels like public acceptance is very close.
But with only approximately 34 million Bitcoin wallets and approximately 50 million users worldwide, it is still used by less than 1% of the world’s population. And in my experience, a very small percentage of the rest of the world’s population has heard of Bitcoin.
Despite things like Facebook’s Libra currency, Microsoft, Santander, Bakkt, etc., Bitcoin still has a long way to go even to catch the attention of ordinary people around the world.

Although Bitcoin and the market of digital currencies are expanding and new people are entering this field day by day, it is necessary to know that Bitcoin is still unknown to most people in the world.

It is better to know that the digital currency market is much smaller compared to older markets such as gold, and it still has a long way to go to become a powerful market. This point shows that a small percentage of people in the world still know Bitcoin.

Basically, it should be said how much is the crypto knowledge of the people of the world in the field of cryptocurrency? Following this question model, we can go to the countries that know Bitcoin more.

At the moment, Bitcoin is moving between two poles, opposing and supporting the cryptocurrency industry. Many countries such as Portugal, Indonesia, Spain, America are in favor of the crypto industry, but countries such as China are against this technology.

So we conclude that Bitcoin, like the creator of Nakemoto, is still not well known worldwide.

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