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The new mining law in Iran. - turboplaycrypto

The new mining law in Iran.

The new mining law in Iran. According to news obtained from reliable Iranian media, the new mining law in Iran has entered a new phase.
Iran’s security ministry announced to digital currency miners in a statement that the miner device ID registration system has been launched. Miners have until January 15th to start receiving tracking ID for their business as soon as possible.
Based on this, all legal and natural persons who have operating licenses and activity licenses are required to register their miner devices by the end of the deadline.
Also, the Blockchain Association of Iran announced that December 15th is the deadline for obtaining a unique identifier for miner devices, so miners should act as soon as possible to prevent penal and disciplinary problems.
The new mining law in Iran was quoted by the Tansim site from the words of Mohammad Khodadadi, the executive of the Tovanir cryptocurrency project, regarding the prevention of illegal mining of cryptocurrency. 250,000 mining machines were operating in these centers, according to these conditions, the production of smuggled currency will be minimized.

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