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Michael silver bought Bitcoin again - turboplaycrypto

Michael silver bought Bitcoin again

Michael silver bought Bitcoin again . Micro strategy recently bought $147.3 million worth of Bitcoin.

with these conditions, they have more than 4.68 billion dollars in holdings.

Michael silver bought Bitcoin again
Michael silver bought Bitcoin again

The of founder of the big company Micro strategy recently bought 5.445 Bitcoins at an average price $ 27.053.000

Michael Silver focused on this valuable asset since he called Bitcoin as digital gold and now he is considered one of the holders of Bitcoin

Michael Silver believes that whenever inflation causes the value of traditional currencies to decrease, the price of Bitcoin will rise. In other words, there is a connection between them. According to the CEO of MicroStrategy, if you look at fiat currencies, you’ll find that they’ve been underinflated by 10 to even 14 percent per year for the past 30 years. It can be expected that in the next 30 years, their value will also decrease due to inflation. But Bitcoin, whose price is measured against fiat currencies and currency derivatives, will also experience price growth. Of course, along this path, we also encounter BTC price fluctuations.

Michael Silver has had various analyzes of Bitcoin so far, which can be found on his Twitter homepage. He has bought bitcoin many times and prefers bitcoin to fiat money.


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