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Kiyosaki Bitcoin will rise!

Following the fall of Bitcoin, Kiyosaki told his two million users that Bitcoin will rise. According to Robert Kiyosaki, Bitcoin will rise because he considers Bitcoin to be people’s money and does not trust the US dollar. Kiyosaki added that the best opportunity for poor people to get rich is now. Is

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Kiyosaki Bitcoin will rise!
Kiyosaki Bitcoin will rise!

Kiyosaki Bitcoin will rise!

Kiyosaki Bitcoin will rise!

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki expects the price of Bitcoin to continue to rise. Kiyosaki is willing to bet on the rise of Bitcoin. Kiyosaki also said on Twitter that he bought 60 bitcoins when the price of this digital currency was $6,000 per coin.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book written by Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter and has been on the New York Times bestseller list for over six years.
More than 32 million copies of this book have been sold in more than 51 languages ​​in more than 109 countries.
“Bitcoin grew over 100% in one year,” Kiyosaki tweeted on Tuesday. Will Bitcoin continue to grow? I’m willing to bet on it!”
At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $30,264.50, up 100% since November 2022 and down 26% since January 2022, but up 224% over the past five years.
This famous author added: Why buy more gold, silver and bitcoin? Because the Fed, the Treasury and Biden are liars. This is not the first time he has expressed his distrust of the Fed, the Treasury and the Biden administration. He warned that the US economy was headed for collapse.
Kiyosaki on Monday advised investors to understand the reasoning behind any buy or sell recommendation. He tweeted: Steve Van Meter Says ‘Sell Gold Now’ David Hunter Says ‘Buy Gold Now’ Who Should You Trust?
Pointing out that both men are smart, this famous writer clarified: All markets are made up of buyers and sellers. Your job is to understand the logic behind the seller and the buyer.
In an episode of his Rich Dad radio show that aired last week, Kiyosaki revealed that he bought 60 bitcoins for $6,000 per coin.
Kiyosaki has been recommending Bitcoin alongside gold and silver for some time. In February, he predicted that the price of Bitcoin would reach $500,000 by 2025. He also predicted that gold will reach $5,000 and silver will reach $500.
Kiyosaki calls Bitcoin “people’s money”. In December of last year, he said that people who own gold, silver, and bitcoin will be richer when the Fed prints trillions of dollars in what he calls “fake money.”
In addition to the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, many others believe that the price of the largest digital currency will increase significantly.

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