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Blackrock filed for Ethereum spot fund. - turboplaycrypto

Blackrock filed for Ethereum spot fund.

Blackrock filed for Ethereum spot fund.
Blackrock Company announced the registration of its spot ethereum funds. This investment company sent its request for its spot ethereum funds under the title of Eshares Ethereum Trust to the US Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance with the law.
This fund was approved last week and affected the price of Ethereum.
BlackRock noted that it is partnering with the Coinbase exchange to hold assets in Ethereum spot funds.
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The company’s CEO, Larry Fing, has expressed interest in Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.
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Cathy Wood Bitcoin reaches one million dollars
Cathy Wood announced that Bitcoin spot funds have been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
He added that the commission is likely to approve ETF funds this year.
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Robert Kiyosaki: I pray for Palestine, I pray for Israel, I pray for peace and tranquility.
In a post on social network X, Kiyosaki reacted to the military tensions created during this period. He said: “Pray for the peace of our leaders, they are not thinking about us!”
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Hong Kong Invests in Bitcoin Contrary to China’s previous laws, the Chinese government welcomes the cryptocurrency industry.


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