Welcome to the short news of digital currencies. Follow the latest news from Ripple and SEC the American Securities Exchange Commission in this news.

Ripple and SEC news on Turbo Polycrypto news site. The battle between Ripple and the Securities Exchange Commission intensified again. The Ripple team continues its legal battle during the latest news, while the US Securities and Exchange Commission is looking for an appeal against the issued RO.

Ripple has opposed the appeal of the commission’s decision and challenged the commission.

The Ripple team states that the request does not involve a pure question of law, but rather that they argue that the SEC’s appeal deeply implicates the application of the Howey Test with a set of facts that, in their view, warrant the kind of justification that an international appeal requires. , is not suitable.

The Howey test is a test developed by the US Supreme Court to determine the qualification of certain transactions as “investment contracts”. Ripple highlights the SEC’s change in position on the case, arguing that the change in interpretation does not create a new legal issue.

This protest can prolong the proceedings of this case because if the US Securities and Exchange Commission wins this case, the fair defense of Ripple and the damages will still continue.

News about Ripple and SEC, according to the analysis of experts in this field, Ripple is strong. Which one will you win? Ripple or SEC

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