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News of Bitcoin holders. Welcome to the latest news about Bitcoin holders! The President of Kenya has officially announced that he is a Bitcoin holder. As the market became bullish, more crypto holders were added to the number of Bitcoin holders. Michael Silver’s Micro Strategic is ready to buy Bitcoin again. This holder declares that he has spent more than one million dollars in profit so far. As the bitcoin halving event approaches, it is possible that bitcoin holders will continue to buy and hold bitcoins. Blackrock and Fidelity, the two largest investment companies in the world, will undoubtedly change the price of cryptocurrencies by investing in Bitcoin. Whales and bitcoin holders are powerful. Follow the news of Bitcoin holders on Telegram. If you are a holder, how do you see the future of Bitcoin? It is better to describe the hold like this. Hold is a type of long-term investment that is made with large amounts and is not just a future trade and transaction! Fundamental tool can help you a lot in this field. Be profitable

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