Omid Haqdoost trader

Omid Haqdoost trader and cryptocurrency market strategist

Nationality:Iran 🇮🇷
Field of activity:Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry
Start date:2019
Favorite cryptocurrencies:Bitcoin, Solana, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, UniSwap, Dogecoin
Activity exchanges: foreign and domestic
Other areas of activity: analytics, solidity programming, setting up smart contracts, SEO work and site optimization. Portfolio management and investment consulting in the field of cryptocurrency.

Omid Haqdoost, trader(امید حقدوست تریدر)
Omid Haqdoost, trader

Omid Haqdoost Trader’s cryptocurrency slogan:

Bitcoin is the beginning of a monetary revolution in the world!Decentralized world removes financial restrictions!Fiat money is fake.I trust Bitcoin and the decentralized world, not banks and governments.
Bitcoin is gold!!
Short experiences from trader Omid Haqdoost known as Samantha
Always invest before thinking of early profit from trading.
Do not be afraid of losses in trading, but gain experience and use it in your trading style.
Learn the meaning and concept of keywords in the trade, some of them reveal your personality.
Take time and capital management seriously in trading.
Study properly, research, analyze, then trade.
Learn what you are supposed to do in the trading job and why you went to trading!
Use the experiences of other traders, do not trade on your own.
Don’t always decide too soon!There is no sense in rushing in trading!There is no rush!
So analyze and trade logically and calmly.
In this job,be satisfied with the profits you make and be satisfied that you have not lost.

Omid Haqdoost trader❤

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