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Which cryptocurrencies grew the most today? - turboplaycrypto

Which cryptocurrencies grew the most today?

Today, July 15, which currencies had the highest growth?

Which cryptocurrencies grew the most today?
Which cryptocurrencies grew the most today?

Cryptocurrencies have recently reacted due to the Ripple court and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. According to Ripple’s CEO, this case is nearing its end. According to the latest news obtained from this company, one of the judges of the case entitled Ripple is not a security has issued a ruling in favor of Ripple. After the announcement of this news, we saw the rise of the cryptocurrency market, in which these cryptocurrencies had the highest growth today.

The XRP cryptocurrency grew by 80% during this incident and reached the price of 0.47 cents to 0.80 cents, which has now decreased and is now traded in the range of 0.72 cents. Although Solana was previously accused by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, it experienced a 30% growth and rose from the price of 19 dollars to nearly 29 dollars. The current price of this cryptocurrency is 28,888. respectively, the price of each went from 30 thousand dollars to 31,900 thousand dollars. Ethereum also exceeded the price of 1800 dollars.

Which cryptocurrencies had the most growth today? The announcement of this news also made famous cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Litecoin go up. We hope you will always be happy and full of money and follow the correct cryptocurrency news in Telegram’s crypto chat.👇


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