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what is technical and fundamental? - turboplaycrypto

what is technical and fundamental?

what is technical and fundamental?analysts of two method technical and fundamental for analysis trend use. Actually for capitalization short_run namely of some o’clock till one month in malls digital shall with analysis technical and for capitalization long_run with analysis fundamental acquaintance possess but for  capitalization medium term one month till one year shall even with analysis technical and even fundamental acquaintance possess.

what is technical analysis?

analysis technical locution of revision  chart price one is finance. in this analysis analysts to revision past price chart finance and turnover to deal with and then conduct future mall doeth anticipation and conclusion in moment doeth decision making. analysis technical one of  is tool that as expansive in finance markets classical use.too one of component integral mall is digital currency.

what is technical analysis?
What is technical and fundamental?

in analysis technical two element is silent; element first say everything in price is silent namely all data needful in chart 📊 price there exist. Two element, element induction is mathematics namely each accident that before and often happen and exactly repetition is probability that of this onward also as before happen being executes.but all laws analysis technical all of kind laws statistics and probable is and any law 0 till 100 percent in mall not exist.

Analysis fundamental :

analysis fundamental is method that by capitalization and trading 💹 beside designation value intrinsic finances or factorys to use.analysis fundamental in mall stock exchange namely ability or value that one company has  purpose analysis fundamental establish relation cause and effect between actions price and news 📰 is economy whereas in analysis technical,  is price that  say first and last wing.

History analysis technical:

author analysis technical modern (CHARLES DOW) journalist American being. however that shapes primary analysis technical in Amsterdam century seventeenth and in Japan 🇯🇵 century eighteenth was emerge.

theorys DOW inclusive 3 element is; element first; mall everything doeth reflected Actually everything in price is silent. element second; prices on the basis of trends move doeth and changes price not accident. element third; history repeat possess actually operators mall tendency has to motive similar in mall reaction repeated to exhibit

what is bitcoin trader?

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