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Bitcoin 50k or 30k?

Bitcoin 50k or 30k? What price will bitcoin reach first? 50k or 30k? If we pay attention to the trend, we see the beginning of a bull market. This can be seen in the long-term trend from the chart.
In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin experienced a 4% growth and its price crossed 39,000 dollars. Now, the analysis is on what range will Bitcoin’s next move be? 50k or 30k?
There are several different scenarios in front of Bitcoin, and Bitcoin will eventually take one of those scenarios.

The first scenario: if the support of Bitcoin continues, the next target of Bitcoin is probably $43,000, which can happen by the end of this month.
The second scenario: the probability of Bitcoin reaching the price of $30,000 is low. The main technical reason that exists is that Bitcoin has not lost the $36,000 range, and on the contrary, it has started to grow in price.
The third scenario: Bitcoin will be able to set $50,000 as its next target for the coming months by crossing the resistance ranges of $43,000 and $48,000.
But the important point: some traders are afraid of the fall in the price of Bitcoin. It should be said that the upward rally of Bitcoin can continue up to the range of 48 thousand dollars, and if a fall is needed, the price of Bitcoin will fall after failing to reach the price of 48 thousand dollars. and will reach the area of ​​43 or 39 thousand dollars again, which depends on the severity of the price decline.

Bitcoin 50k or 30k?

Bitcoin news
Bitcoin news

It seems that the power is still in the hands of the market bulls according to the Bitcoin fundamental news.
Approaching the halving of Bitcoin unintentionally creates excitement in the crypto sphere, which causes the price of Bitcoin to grow.
During the news of Bitcoin holders, Bitcoin whales buy more Bitcoin, this good news can bring the price of Bitcoin faster to its next target, which is $43,000.
It goes without saying that we will see short corrections in the rising rally, so professional and beginner traders should take the important points in futures trading seriously so as not to fall into bear traps.

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