Litecoin halving is near 2023

Litecoin halving is near

Litecoin halving is near 2023, less than 45 days left until Litecoin halving, will Litecoin rise or not?

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If we look at the history of the halving event in strong cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you can clearly see on the chart that after each event, an upward rally has started.

There is an important reason for the rise of Litecoin after the halving event, and that is the halving of the reward for Litecoin miners. It is better to say that less new Litecoin will be produced and the supply of Litecoin will be less and will increase its price.

But now that Litecoin was able to reach the price of 87 dollars with the rising market, it is expected to lose its value before reaching its halving, the reason for this will be the sale of Celsius Litecoins. This company has decided to sell all assets on June 10, 2023. Convert your altcoins to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the total assets of this company are 215 million dollars, and Litecoin is one of the altcoins that this company has in its investment portfolio.

If Celsius Company is going to sell its litecoins and altcoins on June 10, it will see a drop before litecoin reaches its halving.

There is an important point to rise or fall during the halving which is the current condition of the cryptocurrency and bitcoin market.

Litecoin halving is near, but it is expected that there will still be opportunities to buy Litecoin before the halving. Follow daily cryptocurrency news in crypto chat on Telegram. Be useful

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