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Has the altcoin season arrived?? - turboplaycrypto

Has the altcoin season arrived??

Has the altcoin season arrived?? Altcoins are another group of cryptocurrencies that were created to solve the problems of Bitcoin.
Following the small growth of Bitcoin, some other cryptocurrencies registered a significant growth in their portfolio.
In December, Bitcoin grew and finally managed to increase the total volume of the crypto market to 1.62 trillion dollars. In this 1.7% growth of Bitcoin, altcoins such as ADA, AVAX, DOT, SOL showed a strong performance.
Some altcoins continued to rise above 30%.
After the strong rise of altcoins, has the season of altcoins arrived??

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Has the altcoin season arrived??

Altcoin season index shows that the season of this category of cryptocurrencies is still here.
You may know that the season of altcoins comes when more than 75% of the top 50 cryptocurrencies in the market perform better than Bitcoin over the past 90 days.
This criterion has not been met so far.

During the last three months, in general, 23 cryptocurrencies have performed better compared to Bitcoin, and Solana is one of them.
According to these conditions, the small growth of Bitcoin has caused some altcoins to rise. Do you think this rise will be temporary??
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