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New news from Ripple - turboplaycrypto

New news from Ripple

In the latest news from Ripple, this American company became the owner of Metaco by paying 250 million dollars.

New news from Ripple
New news from Ripple

As Ripple is in conflict with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, this company has purchased a Swiss startup to increase its activity.

Ripple, the manufacturer and supplier of the XRP token, has announced that it uses this startup to provide custody services in the field of digital currencies.

Currently, Ripple is the sole shareholder of this Swiss startup and will use its benefits for the development of this startup. With this merger, Swiss startup Metaco will experience faster growth with access to thousands of Ripple users. With access to Ripple users, the capital needed to respond to existing demands and the necessary resources to respond to the needs of banks and institutions will be provided.

Also, this company predicts that in 2030, the value of digital storage assets will exceed 10 trillion dollars.

In this new news from Ripple company, the research of this analysis shows that most of the financial leaders in financial institutions intend to safely store their digital assets in the coming years.

But get to know Metako better!

Metaco is a Swiss startup that Ripple has bought for $250 million.

Metaco has started its activity since 2015 and before announcing this news, Metaco was able to get 20 million dollars of capital this year.

Metaco’s main product is Harmonize digital platform. Metaco is focused on enabling financial and non-financial institutions to conduct crypto operations. The company’s infrastructure allows these institutions to store and trade digital currencies, tokenize assets, provide equity services and manage smart contracts.

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