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The bitter end of the dollar πŸ˜‘ - turboplaycrypto

The bitter end of the dollar πŸ˜‘

The bitter end of the dollar πŸ˜‘ The common and official currency of America, which is more than 100 years old, is being destroyed. Fiat money has lost its power in the economy! The main reasons for the removal of dollars and government money in the world are their uselessness!

Misguided policies in this area have paved the way for the penetration of powerful financial technologies that can be better alternatives for the public in the world. It must be boldly said that the bitter end of the dollar is approaching because the dollar has reached the end of its life! The methods of transferring value in the world have become more and more efficient and there is no more place to use the dollar.

The bitter end of the dollar πŸ˜‘
The bitter end of the dollar πŸ˜‘

Many popular people in the world have warned of the bitter end of the dollar. Important people who are analysts themselves, such as Robert Kiyosaki and Elon Musk. The future of the dollar is not optimistic! The dollar will soon fade and eventually, like many fiat currencies, it will be removed from the competition in the economic world. Confidence in the dollar is rapidly decreasing, as if the public knows that banks and centralized financial systems should not be trusted. The printing of dollar bills by the US central bank to pay off debts or balance the inflation order warns of the bitter end of the dollar. !!

The dollar is considered a global currency, but with the formation of committees to deal with the dollar by several countries, we should not hope for the future of the dollar. Many social issues threaten the dollar, wars, sanctions, wrong money policies, the emergence of new technologies such as crypto, what do you think about the future of the dollar??


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